(USA) Thank God for M. Martin & RebeccaAhn's Recovery from the Coronavirus Infection

by UBF HQ   05-27-2020   0 reads

By M. MartinAhn

Both my wife, Rebecca, and I have been working as nurses and contracted the Covid-19 virus. By the grace of God, after 3 weeks for me and 2 weeks of quarantine for my wife, we both recovered and were able to go back to work this early week. Thank God for his help!

Our prayer topics.

1. Our family with 3 kids; Martin, Joshua, and Joanna may continue to stay healthy and be strong physically and spiritually.
2. God may protect all nurses in our chapter including me, Rebekah, and Josephine (RN), as we take care of Covid-19 patients daily.

* UBF_ Highland_Park, NJ was pioneered in 2018. The chapter director is M. JosephSohn with his wife M. Josephine and they have 4 children; Gloria (16), Victoria(13), Jacob (11), and James (9). M. Sohn and Ahn’s families have been co-working together since 2018.