(Urgent/USA/Covid-19/Update-5/26) A Nurse, M. PetraHeusel Got Contracted and Developed Shortness of Breath

by UBF HQ   05-26-2020   0 reads


Thankfully, M. Petra is recovering from pneumonia induced by a coronavirus and she was discharged from the hospital. She got treated with hydroxychloroquine (used for malaria) and it seems she is getting better. However, she still has shortness of breath at activities. Please continue to pray for her full recovery from pneumonia.


In Triton_UBF in Illinois, USA, M. PetraHeusel working at a nursing home as a nurse got contracted to COVID19. She is in the late 50's with borderline diabetes and hypertension. She developed shortness of breath and admitted to Elmhurst_Hospital. Please pray for God's protection from respiratory distress with proper treatment. God may heal her completely and discharge without complication. 

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