(Mexico/Update 6/23) Covid-19 - Pray for brothers and sisters in Iztacala Chapter

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Israel is still suffering from Corona-induced Pneumonia after he was discharged. He must use an oxygen tank. Pray for his full recovery. His father passed away due to Covid-19. Pray for his family (S. Betty and two children, Ruth and Elijah). J_orgeDavid works in a surgical ward and has symptoms. Please pray for God’s protection and healing. S. Jackline is also recovering from Covid-19. Please pray for them.


By M. IsaacPark of Iztacala UBF, Mexico

Israel has been suffering from Corona-induced Pneumonia. He was on the waiting lists and finally hospitalized and got treated. Thank God! Last weekend, he was discharged. However, he must use an oxygen tank due to shortness of breath problem. Pray for his full recovery. His father passed away two week ago due to Covid-19. Pray for his wife Betty and two children, Ruth and Elijah. 


By M. IsaacPark of Iztacala UBF, Mexico

In Iztacala, Mexico, a growing leader Israel whose father passed away last weekend due to Covid-19, is now himself suffering from Coronavirus-induced Pneumonia too. He is urgently waiting for being admitted to a hospital but a lot of people are already on the waiting lists. Pray for him to get proper medical treatment as soon as possible and completely be recovered from the sickness. Pray for his wife Betty and two children, Ruth and Elijah. Jackline in the same ministry is also recovering from Covid-19 and Jorge has symptoms. Please pray for them.

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