Thank God for Blessing Thailand UBF Discipleship Conference on Oct. 19 & 20th, 2019 (THAILAND)

by WMD   11-28-2019   0 reads

Banseok L.

On the1st day, Tam P. presented a Book entitled, "The Five Love Languages." We learned that it is important to learn and use love languages according to Jesus' love between couples, parents and children, and Bible teachers and students. Afterward, Rebecah, who just joined our ministry recently, shared her life testimony, and M. Deborah's special lecture based on 1, 2 Kings was followed which helped us to understand the 1, 2 Kings deeply in advance. 

On the 2nd Day, we engaged group Bible studies based on each fellowship and heard a special message with the title, "Fruits" based on John 15:1-17. Through this message, I believe that we were all encouraged and determined to build up deeper relationships with Jesus in our hearts. To be chosen by Jesus is a special privilege. Each of us may love Jesus as he loves us and continue to follow him obeying his new commands, "Love one another." 
Praise and thank God for blessing the conference richly! Recently, we started off studying "Seven Steps of the Bible" preparing our hearts to reach out to new students. 
Please, continue to remember us in your prayer!