Prayer Requests for Sick Coworkers

by WMD   11-04-2019   0 reads

May God be with our sick coworkers and show His mighty healing grace.

Theresa N. (Gongrung, Korea)

A brain tumor was found the other day, a meningioma in the meninges, about 5cm in size. It's pressing other parts of the brain and causing abnormalities in cognitive function. If it becomes a little bit bigger, it will cause problems in motor function. It needs to be removed by surgery immediately. She is going to be hospitalized at Samsung Hospital on November 5th and have surgery on November 7th. Dr. Choi, a professor of Samsung Hospital, who will undergo surgery, said, “The tumor is large and the blood vessels are developed, it is important not to touch the blood vessels. Please pray for a successful surgery. 

M. Juana P. (Colombia)

Missionary Juanna is shortly visiting now in Korea and supposed to return this Saturday. But she was diagnosed with colon cancer by colonoscopy. Kyungsung UBF coworkers took a quick action for several tests. After taking an MRI today, she will have a surgery. Please pray that cancer can be removed cleanly without sequelae and that it will not go elsewhere.