"Be My Disciple" - 2020 New Year Oceania UBF Conference Program & Prayer Topics (12/6-8, 2019)

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Thank you for your interest in the 2019 Oceania UBF Conference. I am pleased to inform you about the conference program and the prayer topics.

2019 Oceania UBF conference prayer topics;

(1) May God raise Jesus’ disciples in each chapter through this Bible Camp.

(2) May God raise five messengers (Mark, Michael, David, Paul, and Kevin from Chicago) to speak the words of God powerfully and gracefully by the Holy Spirit.

(3) Attendees may newly reaffirm Jesus’ calling as his disciples.

(4) Attendees may receive God’s word and grace by deeply meditating the words of God and writing reflections

(5) To prepare a joyful Oceania Night.

(6) Representative testimony speakers may reveal the beautiful work of God.

(7) Symposium speakers may prepare interesting and spiritual lessons.

In Christ
Mark Lee
Oceania UBF Coordinator 


*You can download the attached program below


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