"You are the Christ" - Japan Summer Bible Conf. 2019 Prayer Topics (Aug. 9-11)

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Written by M. Daniel Jung

Japan Summer Bible Conference (8/9-11) & 2nd gens House Church (8/11)

In spite of the recent hard relationship, the Lord allows Japan Summer Bible Conference (JSBC). Pray for the Korea-Japan relationship. But more than that the relationship between God and Japan may be restored through this JSBC.

On 8/11, Samuel (M. Daniel Jung's first son) and Sarah (M. John Kim's first daughter) will establish a house church. M. Daniel and John came to Japan on the same day and had a wedding ceremony on the same day. Now their oldest son and daughter who had been serving the same campus mission since college days establish a House Church. May God use them to serve Japan to be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.

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