The Work of God in UBF Clementi, Singapore

by WMD   06-26-2019   0 reads

Written by M. Andy Ahn

Singapore is a small Island, separated to be independent of Malaysia in 1965. 74.3% of the population is Chinese and the rest of the population is Malaysian and Indian. Although it is such a small country, it became one of the wealthiest countries in the whole world. The people do not have the need to be covetous anymore. But their hearts are empty since no wealth on earth can make one truly happy.

17 years ago (2002) Andy left his good job at Samsung, came to Singapore, worked at the Korea Embassy for 5 years and now works in a construction company. Monica opened an Institute for the children of Korean company agencies of Korean foreign students teaching math and necessary subjects. Through her institute, she invited David and Rebecca S. 8 years ago. With many sufferings and ups and downs, the Lord slowly and steadily raises Suzette (7 years coworker from Philippine as an RN) and Angel, a Chinese Malaysian student in National University of Singapore (NUS) as mothers of prayer and Bible teachers for NUS with 40,000 students including graduate students. They also serve Singapore Management University (SMU) and Nanyang Technology Institute. In July, God will send out Marcus (his picture below) as the first missionary of Singapore to Vancouver, Canada to join M. John Kim’s chapter. He will study graduate course then Ph.D hopefully. Professor Jonas and Korean student Young B K join Sunday Worship Service. Please pray for Suzzette, Angel’s House churches, and Marcus’ first missionary life.