Korea New Year National Staff Conference was Held on Dec 10-12, 2018, KOREA

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On Dec 10th -12th, 2018, Korea UBF held a New Year’s national staff conference at Cheongpung Resort at Jecheon in Korea. The theme of the conference is “That All of Them may be One” and there were total 90 attendees including oversea missionaries. 

On the first day, P. Moses Yoon (UBF general director) delivered the lecture 1 with full of the Holy Spirit based on John 17:1-26 entitled, “That all of Them may be One”. Through his message, we learned that Jesus wants us to become one in his love serving humbly others by following the example of Him.

After the message, M. Isaac & Rebecca Kim (LA), Dr. John and Sarah Jun (Chicago), Dr. Joseph and Maria Ahn (Chicago), Dr. Augustine Suh (Chicago), Dr. Henry Kim (Canada) M. Peter Kim (Ukraine) shared their thanksgiving & prayer topics. Caleb Kim (The chair of Korea UBF world mission department) presented a video of 2019 Europe International Summer Bible Conference preparation and we finished the meeting with earnest prayer for world mission.

On the second day, Mark Gu (GwangJu3) gave lecture 2 with the title, “Build the House of the Lord” based on Haggai 1:1-15. Through the message, we learned that we must build up the temple of God in our hearts imitating Jesus and grow like him daily. In order to do it, we should alert ourselves by Jesus’ words and actively obey the word of God serving campus discipleship ministry and world mission newly.

In the evening, YoungHo Nah (Gwangwoon), ChoongSin Han (GwangJu1), Joshua Jung (Inje), John Lee (Anam1), Joseph Noh (Woolsan), Abraham Cho (SoonChun), Elijah Moon (Jongro7), shared their testimonies. At the end, we all prayed together.

On the third day, David Nam (Gongreong) delivered a heart moving message with the title, “When You Seek Me with All Your Heart” based on Jeremiah 29:1-23. His message encouraged us to accept God’s message as our own message because our times are dark and hopeless. The Lord declares “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” God wants us to overcome this dark and hopeless times with conviction of faith and prayer so that we can bear much fruits and reveal God’s glory. After the graceful message, each department reported annual report with prayer topics and we finished the meeting with prayer.

Praise and thank God who gave us a clear direction of 2019 to be one in Jesus’ love through this conference. May the Lord help us to make a loving unity in Jesus’ love with earnest prayer so that we may accept Jesus' love newly and serve campus discipleship ministry actively and support Europe International Summer Bible Conference and world mission in 2019.

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