The First Historical Genesis Bible School in Cambodia

by WMD   06-23-2017   0 reads

The work of God began in November, 2009 by Missionary Joseph and Grace Lee's house church. He worked as an English IT lecturer in Shianuk in spite of not speaking English at all. God entrusted many spiritually thirsty students. Rivea and Rotana accepted Jesus as their savior. In 2015 they moved to Phnompen. Then God sent Moni. In 2016 M. Isaac Suh's and Paul Yoon's families joined the ministry. Now we could hold the first historical Genesis Bible School on June 2, 2017. Here are the pictures of the first messenger Missionary Isaac Suh who delivered the message on Genesis chapter 1. A total of 14 attended including 5 Cambodian students. Please pray for the second day messenger M. Paul Yoon who will give the message on Genesis 3.