St. Petersburg Spring Bible Conference Report (May 7-9)

by WMD   06-15-2016   0 reads

Altogether around 35 members participated in the Spring conference, including S. Alexey Belykh (Moscow), and M. Francis Yoon (Astana 2) as messengers. Sh. Francis's message on Genesis 3 revealed God's unconditional love toward sinners. Natasha delivered a message entitled, "This is why I came to preach the kingdom of God.” (Lk 4) She showed why Jesus came and why we came, too, to deliver the good news of salvation to all the world. M. Sarah Han, Jr., shared a testimony on Luke 9:15,  entitled, "The Father's Love.” In her testimony, she shared her return to God as a repentant prodigal daughter. Her two sisters' testimonies (Johana and Petra) revealed their having personal faith in Jesus and acceptance of campus mission as their own through the hardships they faced in the ministry and their personal lives. They brought many new students since last semester, who attended this conference. Rebekah Han, who married M. Caleb Han's brother Daniel, testified how she hated the cross of Jesus, but she was changed by Jesus' love. Then she became the very source of blessing for St. Petersburg UBF. Sh. Alexey delivered the closing message, entitled, "The gospel must be preached to all nations." (Mk 13) We could see God is reviving M. Caleb and Sarah Han's ministry by sending many family members, Daniel and Rebekah Han, Natasha and Sergey, as well as the Han children’s classmates. Altogether we renewed the reason why we came, as Jesus came to preach the gospel. Here are some pictures. We received much grace from the messages, life testimonies and M. Caleb Han's encouragements.

M. Jose P. Ahn