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Daniel Yang From Rwanda

On October 28th and 29th of 2017 Thailand UBF held their fall disciple conference. The conference was held amid the national funeral days in Thailand whose people were wearing the black livery of grief throughout the nation. In this dark atmosphere under the power of death the gospel light showed on all attendees of the conference through the life giving words and powerful praises.

11/19 2017
By Reiner Schauwienold​



by Daniel Yang

Today on Thanksgiving Day, God has given M. Deborah and me 2 Years Visa, along with a Residence Card! We pray that we may use this to serve Rwandan Campus Discipleship ministry freely without worrying about Visa any more. This visa will be easily renewed in every 2 Years! Thank God and thank you all! May God use this to serve Rwandan Campus Discipleship ministry freely without worrying about Visa any more.

11/26, Sun. 
by Abraham K Lee

M. Pricilla who entered the kingdom of God. It is so sad to hear that because she has a lot more years to be able to serve the Lord on earth. We are sorry for her beloved children and coworker M. Noah Chung to be left behind. May God comfort them with heavenly hope of rising in Jesus' image to live with our Father in his kingdom forever.


Botswana is a country in the west of South Africa with a population of about 2.25 million. The main sources of income are diamonds, cattle export and tourism; the GDP is $17,918, and the main religion is 80% Christianity. The country is relatively safe and political leaders are honest and yet impoverished.

Dear Precious Servants of God and Family!

May God bless you all on this Thanksgiving Day! By God’s Grace, we had our 1st Thanksgiving Worship last Sunday in Rwanda!