Noah Philip Dang's Birth to Paul & Ruthie's family

Dear Coworkers,

Thank you so much for your prayer for Paul & Ruthie's family and God blessed them with Noah Philip Dang on July 8th, their first child and our first grandson after three granddaughters. God answered your prayers and Ruthie had a successful surgery and she is recovering. Noah is doing well and looks very bright and handsome like his grandfather Joe Schafer. Thank God for his grace and blessing upon Paul and Ruthie's family. May the Lord God bless Noah to find favor in the eyes of the Lord throughout his lifetime and grow and live as a disciple of Jesus. May the Lord God bless him  to be a righteous and blameless man and empower him with the Holy Spirit to walk faithfully with God. May God's name be glorified through him. May the Lord God give Ruthie full and quick recovery. Thank you again for your prayer support.

Paul & Naomi Dang


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