Great Lake Region Spring Bible Conference

The Great Lakes region held our annual Spring Bible conference March 31 – April 2 with the theme “The Gospel of Christ.”  Along with our UBF conference, we again held simultaneous conferences for HBF/JBF, CBF and BBF. We had a total of 76 attendees (55 adults, 21 youth).  The focus of the conference was to meditate the gospel of Jesus and what it means to us. The UBF conference featured three gospel messages from John 3:16 (Abraham Kim), 1 Cor. 15:1-11 (Jeff Gathergood) and 1 Cor. 15:12-34 (Kevin Reilly.)  We also had many other meaningful programs ranging from Bible study to an exciting Bible challenge game.   We were especially encouraged by the several new college students who attended for the first time, many of whom shared meaningful testimonies.  Another memorable part of the conference was a special song sung by Kristin Weed entitled, “Jesus Paid It All”.   We are excited and encouraged by God’s working going on in all our Great Lakes Region chapters (Akron, Buffalo, Cleveland, Columbus, East Lansing, Erie, Northwood, Novi, Pittsburgh, and Toledo).  On April 23rd we will celebrate the opening of a new Bible house in Akron that is closer to campus.   Our youth ministry is also growing rapidly.  It was wonderful to hear our HBF/JBF/CBF children recite the gospel key verses from memory and also share their testimonies.  Please pray for the Great Lakes region as the coordinator baton was passed from Dr. Henry Park of Columbus to Russell Kille of Toledo for the next 5 years.  Thank and Praise God for the gospel of good news in our hearts.

By Russell Kille

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