3 second gens’ graduations in Boston UBF

We are delighted to present 3 second gen graduation in Boston UBF. Grace Oh graduated from Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Public Health on May 25, 2017, Isaac Jung graduated from Brookline High School on June 4, and Sharon Lincoln graduated from Arlington High School on June 3. Isaac Jung and Sharon Lincoln graduated with meritorious scholarships. Isaac Jung will attend Purdue University, and Sharon Lincoln decided to attend UMASS in Amherst.

Grace Oh decided to stick around for a couple of years in Boston. Even before graduation, Grace received a lucrative job offer in DC, but she decided to take the job offer in Boston instead. To stay in Boston was a weighty decision and sacrifice, but she likes the community here and she wants to help.  Here in Boston UBF, we are thankful for Grace and admire her decision. 

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