God's Work at Asyut University, Egypt

"I can do all this through him who gives me strength” (Ph 4:13)

I traveled to Asyut, a city in Egypt that is a 6-hour car ride (on unpaved road) 500 km from Cairo. Shepherd Mamdouh and I met and studied the Bible with students from Assiut University. We studies three lessons from the gospel of John. It was a wonderful meeting that lasted two days (19-20 June). Thank God for our ministry in Egypt.

Prayer topics:
  1. For the students of Assiut University. May God bless them. 
  2. For Shepherd Mamdouh. May God bless him become a good Bible teacher.
  3. For the Lord bless me and enable me to visit Asyut every month.
  4. To have a center in Asyut

Ayman Ghawy


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