A New Work of God at Panama UBF

Joshua Maiker Gutierrez

I want to share with you this joyful news from our ministry: two students who lived together not wedded, decided on their own to legalize their union and got married before an attorney two weeks ago. Even if this is not yet a House Church, it lets us see their desire to obey God's word and it gives us a hope that maybe they could be the first House Church of Panama and the Abraham and Sarah of faith for Panama. As God has blessed Venezuela with a similar new marriage in Jesus a decade ago, and established many house churches, today, so he may bless Panama, too.   My coworker, Maria has been the ancestor of faith of Venezuela and through her, many family members have returned to Jesus last two decades, including Helen Gruett, who has been a missionary to Chicago and a coordinator of NEIU Chapter, Darren’s wife. Her father seems to be the last, who has confessed Jesus as his Savior, among dozens of family members (his picture below). 

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