Little Daniel's Update, Campinas UBF

Little Daniel has been recovering through the Lord’s love and grace for the last two years. These days, he has various rehabilitation treatments and physical therapy. But we know that God’s grace and mercy and His almighty power who works for the good of those who love him, is sustaining and restoring Daniel’s life.

  A few days ago, Little Daniel had a swallowing test in the clinic, and the result shows that he has a difficulty in swallowing. We give him small amount of solid food three times a day. We pray that he may swallow well without chocking or vomiting.      

  P. Abraham T. Kim gave chewable multi vitamin tablets to Daniel as a gift, during the Latin America Coordinators’ Conference, but he is not able to chew yet. His sister, Gloria takes it well instead. We pray that our family including Daniel may attend 2018 International summer Bible Conference by faith. Gloria studies English hard. God may answer our prayers, according to our faith (M. Debora Kim). 


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