The Chile UBF Winter Conference Report

  God has given us the Chile UBF Winter Conference with the title “truly free.” We had prayed for 15 people, but 11 people participated (1 child apart). 2 Bible students participated (Luis Solano, Johan). From Argentina, M. Isaac Cho and M. Mary Cho participated and served in this camp sacrificially.

Messengers were as follows:

Opening: Do you want to be healed?(John 5:1-9), M. Isaac Cho.
Morning: The truth will set you free(John 8:31-32), Pablo Chun.
Main: I do not condemn you(John 8:1-12), Josmary Lozada.
Night: It is Finished(John 19:1-42), Luis Zambrano.
Closing: Remain in me(John 15:1-11), M. Joshua Chun.

  God had abundantly blessed the messages. There were many thanks to the Lord. Especially Missionary Luis served the message of the crucifixion of Jesus with all heart and it touched all attendants. Pablo, in spite of being 16 years, could serve the morning message with the obedience and it animated all people, participated in. God made us realize how true and perfect a freedom we each have in our Lord Jesus is.

  Luis Solano (friend of Luis Zambrano) and Johan (friend of Luis Solano) each received a great grace in this camp. I pray that they can grow as Jesus' disciples. Missionary Isaac Cho served the message and Missionary Mary Cho served the preparation of meals very sacrificially. There was a great grace of God through all program. We pray that an ancestor of the faith in Chile UBF will be raised and 12 disciples until the year 2020.

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