2017 Brazil Young Leaders Conference Report

 We thank God who abundantly blessed our 2017 Brazil Young Leaders Conference, entitled “God’s Unfailing Love.” 64 participants attended our conference, including guests from Bolivia, El Salvador, Venezuela, Mexico and USA. During the 4 days (July 20-23rd), we could listen to Jesus’ voice and experience His love through the messages and life testimonies. All the messages were preached in English and as for the testimonies, there were English subtitles. All the messages harmoniously preached about the Unfailing Love of our Heavenly Father and of our Lord Jesus.

 S. Raymond (Venezuela), delivered the opening message (John 3:16), welcoming us to listen to the Word of God. Moses Park delivered the message, entitled “The Father’s Great Lover” (Luke 15:1-32); through this message, we learned how our Father in Heaven dearly loves each one of us and feasts even just one repented sinner. Through the message of John 8:1-11, entitled “Jesus does not condemn,” preached by Joshua Park, we heard Jesus’ voice: Neither do I condemn you; go now and leave your life of sin. Jesus was the only one who could condemn us, but instead, He loved us and forgave us.

 The message of Mark 5:1-20 preached by Samuel Kim, entitled “What’s your name?,” showed us how Jesus had compassion even for a demon possessed man. Although that man had been forgotten by his own people, Jesus saw hope in him. On the third day of the conference, we heard the crucifixion message (Luke 23:1-56), entitled “Father, forgive them,” delivered by Peter Park. We could listen to Jesus’ prayer on the cross: Father, forgive them; Jesus was dying for our sins but still, He loved us and forgave us.

 M. Nathan Rasoarison delivered the message(Mark 8:27-38), entitled “You are the Christ”; through this we could confess that Jesus is our Christ and decide to live as His disciples, carrying our own cross and following Him. On the last day, M. Isaac Kim delivered the message, based on John 21:1-19, “Do you love me?”; Jesus continually loves us even though we fail and betray Him, and when we also confess our love for Him, we can feed His sheep out of love for Jesus. M. Joseph Ahn (Portland, the U. S.), with his closing message, invited us to “Look up to the Heavens”(Genesis 15:5), for we are part of the lineage of faith of our fathers: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. When we acknowledge that, we can live with faith and hope in kingdom of God! We thank God, because He blessed this conference with such powerful and graceful messages!

 15 brothers and sisters, including guests, Noah, Eunseong, Sam, Reinaldo, Ataiena, M. João, Jeanne, Kim Ki Young (Mexico), Eunhae, Abraham Ahn (Portland, the U. S.), Anna Marie Ahn (Portland, the U. S.), Vanessa, Roberta, Debora and Isaac Puente (El Salvador), shared sincerely their life testimonies and each of them confessed how the Word of God and His Love has been transforming their lives, leading them to be blessings for other souls.

 We also had a really joyful time, praising God, listening to the orchestra performance, playing sports, dancing, and watching a film produced by our church members. One of the special aspects of this conference was how the preparation went. Each member of our church participated in some way or another and served faithfully. Teams were assigned for each program and duty. From picking-ups to translations, each team co-worked together, helping and supporting each other, in an interconnected fashion.

 We thank God for using our younger members as leaders, teaching them how to co-work in His ministry through this conference. May God raise many young leaders in this generation who can serve other souls and serve in God’s ministry. Amen!

Elias Park


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