2017 Korea UBF National Fall Staff Conference Report


Korea UBF National fall Staff Conference was held on October 16th to 18th at Muju Resort, Jeollabuk-do, with the theme “Reconciliation” (2 Cor. 5:11-6:10). On the first day, after the arrival of the conference place, we studied the Bible based on 2 Corinthians 6:11-7:16 divided in groups. After taking dinner, Sh. Kang Deuk-Hyun (Hangang UBF) gave a special lecture entitled "Salvation and the image of God (for healthy individuals, families and communities). Through the lecture we learned about the definition of Biblical salvation with those who have healthy & beautiful relationship with God and people, restoring God’s image gradually in them since he has been analyzing of the linguistic meaning and historical tradition of image (Imago Dei). This was followed by Brazil mission report by M. Joshua Ahn.

On the second day, we all together went up on the top of Duk-you mountain surrounded by beautiful scenery (elevation:1,614m) and also went up another mountain Jeoksang visiting historic archive site of Annals of the Joseon Dynasty and could have refreshed our strength.

On the third day, we had GBS entitled “Let this grace be abundant “on 2 Corinthians 8,9 dividing in groups. And this was followed by main message “Duty of Reconciliation” given by Sh. James Lee (Choongchung UBF). He has been experienced the great power of gospel since his family alone served the campus ministry for last 8 years at Chungju. In the other hand he also had to suffer much because of his faithful Bible students abandoned since he has been pouring out his heart on them for last 4-5 years, and her loving daughter Baekhee had a big surgery due to her sickness. Nevertheless, through the message he was full of thankfulness to God because of God’s glorious calling him to serve the duty of reconciliation through gospel in this generation. He delivered the message with many tears and decided to fully devote himself to God’s ministry.   We finished conference with united prayer for 2018 International conference in USA.

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