2017 Great Vision Orchestra Summer Concert

On July 17, 2017 “Great Vision Orchestra”, a Korean Second-Gen Music Concert, was held at Dr. Samuel Lee hall at the Jongro UBF center in Seoul Korea  

The program was as follows: Hungarian Dance No. 1 & 5 by Johannes Brahms, the Coriolan Overture by Beethoven, and Star Wars & Harry Potter by John Williams.

The Second Gens rehearsed every Saturday morning at Jongro Center despite their busy school schedules. Our goal was for Second Gens to grow as global leaders both spiritually and physically through rehearsals. We have been praying for UBF Seconds Gens for last 10 years. Many Second Gens have grown up through orchestra training and become college students and adults.

Among them, Moses Lee will be married by faith this weekend. Several other Second Gens have become student leaders at their chapter ministry and others have been sent overseas as missionaries. Although our orchestra is small and seems insignificant, I believe that God himself is mightily working in and through them with the Holy Spirit as their Good Shepherd, raising them as future spiritual leaders for Korea and for world campus mission.

I pray that God may continue to use the Second Gen orchestra preciously for His name’s sake. I also pray that God may continue to bring new Second Gens to the orchestra this coming fall semester.

Joshua Lim  


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