Tabitha, God's Second Gift for Tobias and Esther Choi (KarlsRuhe, Germany)

We are pleased to announce the birth of our daughter Tabitha on July 20th. She is doing well and Esther recovers well. With 55 cm in length and weight of 4080 g some clothes were too small at her birth already. She can smile and look into ones eyes and is quite peaceful.

Tabitha in the bible (Acts 9) was a disciple of Jesus and it is written that she was always doing good and helping the poor. However, she became known not (only) through her deeds for God but rather through what Jesus did for her. Jesus raised her from the dead. Many people believed in the Lord through this.

We as parents pray that our Tabitha lives as a disciple of Jesus, who loves God and people and serves them with her gift. May Tabitha be sure of the fact that in any circumstance she is in the hands of the Lord and may her life be a witness of Jesus‘ resurrection.

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