German UBF Staff Conference News (1/25-27), EUROPE


Walter Nett

German UBF Staff Conference In Dachau near München (1.25-27)

God pours his blessings on us. Peter Kwak shared beautiful opening message on 2 Co.12 "The Power of Christ." 18 chapters gave reports. Also reports about WM and Daily Bread. We had a report from RL who is teaching at YUST.

She urgently asked for more coworkers to join her. Hanna S You from Freiburg shared her LT very graciously. She will become a missionary to Korea and marry there in April. Bible Study on Acts 1 was deep. Reiner gave a challenging and encouraging message.

We also visited Munich University and UBF Munich Center.

​On Saturday we will share reflections and have the final message by Abraham Mose Ju. While chapter directors meet in the morning, others may visit the concentration camp close by.

Love in Christ, Walter Nett


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