M. Daniel and Deborah Yang Got Two Years Visa, Rwanda

Dear Precious Servants of God and Family!

May God bless you all on this Thanksgiving Day! By God’s Grace, we had our 1st Thanksgiving Worship last Sunday in Rwanda!

Today on Thanksgiving Day, God has given Msn Deborah and me 2 Years Visa, along with a Green Card (Residence Card) from Rwandan Government!  We pray that  we may use this to serve Rwandan Campus Discipleship ministry freely without worrying about Visa any more. This visa will be easily renewed in every 2 Years! Thank God and thank you all! Please continue to pray for raising 12 Disciples of Jesus, beginning with Sh. Hodal!

May God bless our 1st Christmas Worship Service in Rwanda (12/17)! Again I deeply thank you all and precious coworkers in US and Korea!


Daniel and Deborah Yang


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