World Mission News

“Moving Forward by Faith”

M. Daniel Jeong

Genesis 12:1, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to a land I will show you.”

Hello everyone, my name is Theresa Choi, wife of Francis Choi.


By the grace of God, 2 shepherds preached two messages during the evening program. These messages talked about repentance in the middle of affliction time in our people. 3 life testimonies were powerful. Young people have been encouraged and receptive towards the Word of God. The environment was youth oriented. Please keep praying for Venezuela.

P. Gustavo Prato


Mt 6:33, “But seek first His kingdom and righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

Oli otya! Good evening!

Hi, my name is Jonathan Jung.

Last May 2016, I and my wife, Karen, moved from New York, NY to Dallas, TX. God richly blessed our house church while we were in Columbia University Bible Fellowship in New York; we learned from M. David & Joy Baik and M. Samuel & Ruth Shin, prayed alongside with them, studied the Bible with others, and raised up disciples of Jesus.

"No One Can Lay Any Other Foundation." 

Dear all,

This weekend, we will have our German Staff Conference at Worms where in 1521 Martin Luther stood the test before the Emperor, papal legate, bishops, etc. Our conference will focus around the main tenants of the reformation.

“Kingdom Quest”

I. New Chapter (Margarita Island UBF, Venezuela) Pioneering

Sp. Alirio and Yenny are among the first members of Caracas UBF, Venezuela. They have served Caracas UBF as coworkers of P. Gustavo and Katiuska faithfully so far. By the grace of God, they made a decision to pioneer Margarita Island, Nueva Esparta State. They will be sent out right after the Summer Bible conference.

The Living Hope Through Christ’s Resurrection (1Pe 1:3)

By James Lee (Africa Coordinator)

On 17-20 August, we had the 2017 Southern Africa Bible conference at Stoney Ridge, Johannesburg. It felt like being on a high mountain far away from the troubles of the world, where we could spend time in Jesus' glorious presence through singing, praying, Bible study, testimony writing, listening to God's Word and having fellowship with God's people.