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On November 8, 2014, around 40 attendants gathered together at Leningrad House of Chicago UBF from Toledo, Wright College, Hyde Park and Chicago. The conference began with a delicious lunch and chatting to build relationships with each other.

Celebrating Jesus our Messiah during this harvest time is such a blessing.  When popular culture strongly influences our youth to dress up as ghosts and goblins, I can only thank God that our CBF/BBF children have the option of celebrating Jesus instead.  For the last seven years, we have been encouraging our young children to remember Jesus and dwell in the light of our Lord Jesus by providing a safe environment where they can invite their friends to hear God’s truth, have fun, and receive the gift of God’s word.  Moreover, like any child wants, candies and chocolate tre

"I am doing a new thing! …the people I formed for myself that they may proclaim my praise." (Isaiah43:19-21)

I praise and thank God for enabling me to have my retirement ceremony by his one-sided grace on Oct. 18, 2014 since serving God for about 42 years as a shepherd of God' flock.

“Let them sacrifice thank offerings and tell of his works with songs of joy.” (Psalm107:22)

Korea UBF held its fall music concert for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day on Nov17 at Sowol Art Hall in Seoul, Korea. 103 people played in the concert including 60 orchestra members, three soloists, and 40 chorus members.

Most people who attended the concert were greatly moved giving unstinted praise that it was the best concert they’ve ever seen. 

On November 8, 2014 a special worship service took place in Heidelberg UBF for the handing over of the leadership from M. Kaleb Hong to Sh. Reiner Schauwienold as the new chapter director. About 25 coworkers from Germany and a total of 55 attended the ceremony. M. Kaleb started this ministry together with M. Sarah Hong in 1982 and has served it for over 32 years based on Mark 8:34, 35.

Living in the Light 

“You are all children of the light and children of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness.”1Thess. 5:5

Latin America 4 Regional Int'l Conferences 2015 Schedules & Prayer Topics

A. Southern Latin Regional Conference (Argentina, Brail, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay) in Argentina (La Plata: Isaac Cho) -Jan. 15-18, 2015 

Africa New Year Conference 2015 Prayer Topics:

  1. For all missionaries and African leaders to have new spirit and vision for the New Year through the conference
  2. To raise African leaders as the future directors and missionaries, succeeding Korean directors in the near future
  3. To pioneer 55 African nations with the gospel
  4. For the conference messengers: Dr. Abraham Kim, Moses Yoon and M. Paul Chung

Currently, he has been discharged from the hospital as of yesterday (Nov 13th). Since he was hospitalized on Aug14, three months have passed. Now he began home-care medical service at my home.

1. The geopolitical background of New Zealand: 


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