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Press Release by Kukmin-Ilbo ( Korea Daily Newspaper) for 2016  WMR  in  Seoul Korea  Full of  g race  and  4,500  People

Dr. Elijah Park (Chicago) got a Dr. degree with a dissertation on "Dr. Lee's spiritual leadership in UBF." Dr. Scott Mauro the Dean of Wheaton graduate school of Missiology once said, "UBF should (can) contribute to all missional churches by producing more than 50 dissertations about World campus mission. Thus far God blessed to produce nearly 10 Dr. Dissertations such as, "about UBF testimonies,"(Dr.

God had blessed our Mexico Night event a few months ago.
The newsletter has been published.

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Newsletter 2016 - Mexico Night

M. Pablo Park (Costa Rica, Central America) will move permanently to Mexico to start a new campus mission on June 30. 

His families will join him on July 15. Please pray for his new self- supporting ministry in Mexico, helped by M. Abraham and Sarah Hwang and Noah Yoo. CU, Mexico chapter prays to send a Mexican missionary family to Costa Rica next year to succeed M. Pablo Park's 13 years' ministry.

Dear Precious Prayer Servants,

Sh. Wonly Lee, the husband of Yvonne, received notification that my waiver was approved and he and his 2 daughters will obtain their visas in 2 months. Thank you for your prayers for our house church.

Sh. Yvonne

S. Maria Park finished 34 times of x ray treatment today (2016, June 17). The doctors said she may need to be careful for 5 years.

Thank God for the visiting of M. Grace with women of God and Dr. John Jun, and all your prayer

Prayer Topics

  • God may give her a good health to stand X-ray deep therapy.
  • Pioneering of Pyeongtaek University.

Moody Park

Thank God who answers all your prayers! 

M. David will be discharged home this evening as he is doing so well. Almost all of the tumor was resected yesterday, and he will need one radiation treatment next month to kill the remaining tumor. 

Please pray for his continued full recovery, especially of his damaged nerves and double vision. 

We are debtors to your prayers and love!

David & Sarah Won

On Saturday, June 17, at 11 a.m. at Chicago UBF Center, eight CBF members were baptized by Pastor Ron Ward. They are Grace Koh, Jr., Stephen Yu, Annie Lee, Jr., Frieda Guzman, Caesar Guzman, Hannah Miller, Judah Stasinos, and William Magardecian. Four are in middle school, and four (Stephen, Annie, Frieda and Hannah) have just graduated from middle school. Around 50 people attended. After giving a message on Matthew 28:20-23, Pastor Ron examined the candidates about their faith in Jesus.

2nd brain tumor resection is scheduled for Wednesday, June 22nd. 

Please pray that the most of the tumor may be removed safely, without any complications or any other additional nerve damage. Pray that he will recover quickly from surgery, that his double vision may resolve, and that he will be able to undergo radiation therapy, to kill the remaining tumor cells, soon.



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