World Mission Prayer Topics


   Let's pray for

  • Raising 100,000 Bible teachers and missionaries through one-to-one Bible study and discipleship ministry;

  • Evangelization of all 7,000 major campuses of the world in this generation.​​

  • Pray for
  1.  All leaders in our ministry continually fix our eyes on Jesus so that we may grow to bear the image of the Good Shepherd Jesus;
  2. All leaders raise disciples as Jesus raised his disciples by showing them his own example and teaching them God’s word of truth;

  3. God raises thousands of missionaries, both young and old, from USA/Canada and UBF worldwide and sends them out to the ends of the earth.




  • 2018 Africa Regional Conference
  • Reach out 55 countries in Africa (currently 12 countries have UBF chapters) 
  • Botswana: M. Timothy & Deborah Chung, one ancestor of faith
  • Egypt: student ministry by Ayman (Cairo) & Mamdou (Asyut)
  • Ethiopia: Dr. Samuel & Mary Yoo’s campus mission, Sh. Bekele Lem (Ethiopian who studied the Bible with Dr. John Angam from India)
  • Kenya: Mark Yoon’s powerful message, 20 house churches by 2020 
  • South Africa: new house church of Thapelo (S. Africa) and Sarah (Portugal) is praying for going to Mozambique; Sh. Andries’ powerful message, one ancestor of faith (Cape Town)
  • South Sudan: peace in South Sudan so that Upper University may go back to Malakal and restore Malakal UBF
  • Uganda: send a missionary to Rwanda
  • Zambia: Sh. Moses to grow as a successor of Zambia through message training
  • Zimbabwe: establish 4 medical doctor's house churches


  • Reaching out 11 countries (currently 15 countries have UBF chapters) including Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, and North Korea; 
  • Protection of missionaries in N-nation 
  • Recovery of health – Joseph Song (C), Marie Kim, Rebekah Kim, Grace Kim, Hengky Simangunsong (Indonesia) 


  • Reach out to seven countries–Estonia, Lithuania, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan 
  • Peace to Ukraine; 
  • Recently Russia passed a law that would limit religious activities by protestant organizations. Please pray for God’s protection and wisdom for the missionaries. 


  • To reach out 134 more nations by raising and sending out 100,000 self supporting missionaries by 2041
  • May God bless Sh. David Kim through the word of God and prayer to make the Holy vessel and serve disciple-making in Korean campuses and world mission
  • Disciple-making through 5,000 one-to-ones weekly


  • To reflect God’s glory as Bible teachers and disciple-makers through 1:1 and small group Bible study, raising one man like Abraham and one woman like Sarah from each campus
  • To raise the new generation as responsible leaders among their peers
  • To reach out to new campuses, cities, nations, esp. Eastern Germany, Slovenia, Albania; Shp. Walter Nett’s stewardship as coordinator
  • To support world campus mission with the vision of sending 100,000 UBF missionaries to all nations by 2041, including China, North Korea, and all Muslim nations
  • To improve co-working with other Christians and mission organizations, locally and globally

Middle East

  • One Abraham and Sarah in each country
  • Conquer Arabic

North America

  • Student ministry and raising emerging leaders
  • Raising and sending out missionaries (currently 42 from USA and 3 from Canada to 21 countries)
  • 2018 North America International Bible conference (August 9-12 at Louisville, Kentucky followed by August 12-14 Missionaries-Leaders’ conference at the same place)–theme and program to refresh and encourager world mission coworkers with God’s vision and empower North Americans for God’s kingdom work.

Latin America

  • Reaching out 5 countries–Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago 
  • Recovery of health – Danny Kim (Campinas, Brazil), Elizabeth (Dominican Republic).
  • Self supporting - Andrew Kim (Ecuador), Mark Shin (Bolivia II)

Middle East

  • One Abraham and Sarah in each country
  • Conquer Arabic


  • Reach out 50 campuses in Oceania and Oceania 
  • Raise native and 2nd-gen leaders
  • Become a missionary sending continent by 2020
  • Pioneering ministry of Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia by M. Michael & Carol Ho (sent from Hong Kong UBF)

Sick Coworkers :

  • Hannah Lee (Poland)
  • Esther Chang (Slovakia)
  • Susanna Lee (Toronto)
  • Joseph S. (N. nation)
  • Marie Kim (Indonesia)
  • Noe Ocasio (IIT, Chicago)- ulcerative colitis