World Mission Prayer Topics


Last updated: September 7, 2017


“You ought to live holy and godly lives as you look forward to the day of God.” (2 Peter 3:11b-12a)

General Prayer Topics

(1) Living holy and godly lives looking forward to the Day of God;
(2) Evangelization of all the cities and campuses of the world by raising 100,000 Bible teachers and missionaries in this generation;
(3) Raising many long-term and short-term missionaries through the 2018 ISBC;

Prayer Topics for Continental Regions

(1) Growth of native leaders in stewardship and leadership;
(2) Reconciliation and peace to South Sudan (director: Padiet Deng);
(3) Growth of Egypt (Cairo—Shp. Ayman, Assuit—Shp. Mamdouh) and Ethiopia UBF (Drs. Samuel & Maria Yoo; M. Andrew Kim);
(4) Reaching out to 54 countries of Africa

(1) God’s work in X nation;
(2) Growth of India UBF among the Hindus and new JNU/DU Bible houses;
(3) Japan UBF 16 chapters; raise the Christian population from 1% to 3.5% of the whole population to be the salt and light of the nation;
(4) Reaching out to 48 countries in Asia including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, and North Korea.    

(1) Moscow Bible house;
(2) Reaching out to Estonia, Lithuania, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Turkmenistan.

(1) Raising new generation leaders; Young Adults “Encounter” conference on August 9-12, 2017 with a theme “True Worship” (Jn 4);
(2) Reaching out to Albania, Netherlands, and Slovenia.

Latin America  
(1) Venezuela—restoration of social and economic stability;
(2) Self-support of missionaries in Ecuador—M. Andre & Hannah Kim (Guayaquil), Josue & Yessika Ortega (Quito);
(3) Reaching out to 5 Caribbean countries—Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago. 

(1) Work of God among the leaders and 2nd-gens;
(2) 4.8 million Syrian refugees may hear the gospel.

(1) Abraham & Sarah in 7 chapters of Australia and New Zealand;
(2) Growth of 2nd-gen leaders;
(3) Oceania Summer Bible conference: December 8-10, 2017.

(1) New director P. Moses Okgi Lee;
(2) Revival of student evangelism through 5,000 one-to-ones and discipleship;
(3) Organize and Support silver missions and student short term missions.

North America 
(1) Revival of student evangelism and discipleship ministries in all chapters;
(2) Raising future spiritual leaders from among North American college students;
(3) Preparation for August 9-12, 2018 ISBC & Missionaries-Shepherds Conference;
(4) Mobilizing short term missions of students and graduates and silver missions.

Sick Coworkers
Africa: Mary Kim (S. Africa);
Asia: Thomas Kang (Japan), Joseph Song, Jung Mi Lee, Joanna Jung (X nation), Rebekah Kim, Marie Kim, William Kim, Henky (Indonesia)
CIS:  Timothy Kang, Jr. (Latvia), Caleb Han (Russia);  
Europe: Hannah Lee (Poland), Lydia Lee (Greece), Elizabeth Yoon (Serbia), Samuel Kum, Noah You (Germany);
Latin America: Danny Kim (Brazil), Edith (El Salvador), Isabel (Dominican Republic), Eugenia (Peru);
Korea: Rucy Park, John Shin, Esther Lee
USA: Joshua Jin (Berkeley), David Choo (Louisville), Aromi Kim (Trenton), Samuel Lim (NJ), Joseph Lim (Michigan), Cooper Diaz, M. Sarah Barry (Chicago)