Update of Zaun of HK C Nation

Update of Zaun of HK C Nation

"The name of the LORD will be praised from the beginning of the sunrise to
the end of the year." (Psalm 113: 3)

Thank you for your love and for praying for our family from all over
the world.

Zaun was in the hospital during the HK Summer conference.
My coworker T and I went to the airport back and forth to give rides to the
delegates from Korea and Taiwan only by faith. We went to the conference
leaving Zaun in the intensive care unit. Then the doctor notified us that
Zaun’s was improving. I thought Zaun’s problem would be an obstacle for
the conference but God used this as an opportunity to draw more closer to
him through prayers. We were spiritually awakened praising and thanking
God for her restoration. Now the oxygen mask is gone putting a feeding tube
on her nose and giving her a little milk.

I thank God because the more helpless we felt, the more we could
hold on to the Almighty God. The Lord strengthened me to overcome with
his resurrection power. My coworker T could deliver message on Psalm 1
very powerfully also.

Now please pray for her to gain weight. She is 17 years old. She only
weighed 20 kilograms. But after two weeks in the hospital she gained 13
kilograms. In such cases, the immune system may be too weak. Please pray
that she may eat again with her mouth, move to the general ward for a full
recovery and be discharged.

H city, C nation: Ryu family

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