World Mission Report 2016 in Korea

Sunday, June 5, 2016 (All day)


World Mission Report 2016 in Korea

  • Title - "A Holy Nation"
  • Date: June 5, 2016 at 2 pm
  • Place: Jang Choong Gymnasium, Seoul
  • Registration and Program
  • Main speaker: Pastor Abraham Kim
  • Testimony speakers: Steven Sebbale (Uganda), Augustine (CIS), Gustavo Prato (Venezuela), Bob Henkins (USA), Alison Haga (Taiwan)

Other programs: Special music and dance
Anticipated participation: Korea 4,000, international delegates 500~600
All missionaries and national shepherds are welcome. (2nd ­gens to be university students)

2016 Missionaries-Shepherds' Conference

  • Date: June 5­-8, 2016
  • Place: Resort hotel "La vie D'or" near Seoul

After the World Mission Report, all missionaries and native leaders will immediately move to the conference venue.
Evening session begins after dinner.

1. Opening Message - 'Read it All the Days of Your Life'(Dt 17:19) : Ron Ward (USA)
2. Monday Morning  - 'Count the Stars'(Ge 15:6) : Walter Nett (Germany)
3. Tuesday Morning  - 'The Living Hope'(1Pe 1:3,4) : Oyor Moses (Sudan)
4. Wednesday Morning - 'You Are the Light of the World'(Mt 5:13-16) : Konstantin (CIS)

Deuteronomy messengers: 

Dt 1:1-4:43 'Then You Will Live' : James Kang (Bulgaria)
Dt:44-6:25 'Love the Lord Your God' : James Lee (Zimbabwe)
Dt 7:1-8:20 'Man Does Not Live on Bread Alone' : Joseph Kim (Q)
Dt 27:1-30:20 'Choose Life' : Caleb Han (CIS)
Dt 31:1-34:12 'Moses' Song' : Peter Lee (Indonesia)

Life Testimony Sharers: Mark Lee (Australia), Elijah Park (Brazil), Paul Chin (USA), Moody (Q), Alesh Macha (Czech Republic), IH (Malaysia)

Attendance fee: US $200~250 (varies according to room selection)
Registration period: March-April (online)
Post­ conference tour: To be organized by the chapters in Korea

Goal of the World Mission Report and Missionaries-Shepherds' Conference:

The World Mission Report and the Missionaries-Shepherds' Conference are international events hosted by Korea UBF every five years. This year's program in Korea aims to achieve the following goals:

World Mission Report

1. To re­confirm our identity and future direction through the main message
2. To learn about God's work in overseas mission fields through the mission reports of national leaders
3. To pray earnestly together that God may continue to use us for world mission

Missionaries-Shepherds' Conference

1. To learn God's hope and vision through studying Deuteronomy
2. To pray to build up a strong community in the Holy Spirit through the graceful fellowship among missionaries, national leaders and co­workers in Korea

Prayer topics

  • P. Abraham Kim's message
  • Preparation for the WMR & Post conference by Shep. David Kim and Korea staff
  • Life testimony speakers and Messengers

Tour after 2016 Missionaries-Shepherds' Conference

For those who attend 2016 WMR and Missionaries/Shepherds conference, a tour will be arranged

(1) For Korean missionaries: A trip (one night, two days) to Kwangju UBF history museum and, Aeyangwon (Rev Sohn's memorial hall) in Yeosu. 
(2) For national shepherds and second-gen missionaries: A trip (2 night,3 days) to Mt. Seoraksan and the East Coast. 

Participants will depart straight from the conference venue, immediately after the conference on June 8th. The tour fee is only USD 50, including meals and accommodation. Let us know if you would like to book a place in the 'Special Request' column on the registration website. (The fee to be paid in cash at the conference venue)


Dear UBF coworkers,

May God’s grace be upon all those who are working for the Lord on the front lines of the mission field. We thank God for granting us the 2016 World Mission Report and Missionaries and Shepherds’ Conference. We thank all those who have registered for this event.

We are now into less than three weeks until the World Mission Report and we would like to inform you of some general information and special requests.

1. Current state of registration

We are estimating a total of 4,000~4,500 participants at the World Mission Report (WMR).

There are currently 150 Korean shepherds, and app. 500 overseas missionaries and shepherds, total 650 registered for the Missionaries and Shepherds’Conference (MSC).

2. Pick up service at Incheon Airport

Most of the foreign guests will arrive on June 3 or 4. Your Korea UBF affiliated chapter will arrange your pick up at the airport. However, so many will arrive at the similar time, it will be difficult to arrange a pick up for every person. Therefore, for two days only (June 3 and 4), a 'UBF shuttle bus service' has been arranged. A 45 seater UBF bus will leave from Incheon airport to Chongro Head Quarter center in Soul, via Yonhee, Dongkyo UBF. The departure times are 10 am, 12 noon, 2pm, 4 pm, 6 pm, 8 pm, and 10 p.m. on June 3 and 4. This means each Korea affilaited chapter can help the guests to get on the shuttle bus to come to Chongro center, in Seoul, where they can be picked up. You are welcome to use the exclusive service and the fare is free. We will let you know the exact point where you can get on the bus.

3. The World Mission Report

On June 5, on the day of the WMR, the program will begin at 1:30 PM. We would like to ask overseas participants to arrive at the stadium by 1 PM and do a brief rehearsal of the opening ceremony.

At this time, you will load your baggage onto the coach buses which will be parked outside. Please find your allocated bus by looking for your affiliated chapter name on the buses. (Those without an affiliated chapter please look for “headquarters”)

At 1:30 there will be a praise time, followed by an opening ceremony of missionaries and native shepherds which may take about 15 minutes. At this time, selected names will be announced to walk onto the stage in order of continent/country for a short time of greeting. Only the representative of each country will say a short greeting. When the overseas participants leave the stage, they will be asked to sit in a designated place in front of the stage (about 700-800 seats).

After the introduction of overseas participants, the main program will begin. Dr. Abraham Kim will deliver a message in Korean on Exodus 19, and five native shepherds (1. Gustavo Prato, Venezuela; 2. Augustine Zhdanov, C.I.S.; 3. Steven Sebbale, Uganda; 4. Allison Haga, Taiwan; 5. Bob Henkins, U.S.A.) will deliver mission reports. The main message will be delivered in Korean with English subtitles and through personal radios. Translations will be offered through personal radios (5 languages: English, Spain, Russian, Chinese, Mongolian). For the five mission reports, a translator will stand next to each reporter on the stage.

There will be a time of Thanksgiving offering for the World Mission Report as it will be a Sunday worship service.

Part 1 of the service will be followed by Part 2 of Special Performances.

Part 2 will consist of a choir, fan dance, and Taekwondo performances.

We are expecting WMR to end around 4:30 PM.

4. Moving from the WMR to the Conference site

After the WMR, please board the buses parked outside the stadium. There will be affiliated chapter names stuck to the front of the buses. It will take about 1 hour to move to the conference site. We plan to distribute conference booklets and name tags inside the buses on the way to the conference site. Conference fees will also be collected at this time.

Upon arriving at the conference site, you may receive your keys and go to your rooms (those who have not registered should register before receiving keys). After dinner, there will be an opening message at 8 PM. On this day, there will not be other programs apart from the opening message. Please refer to the conference program for more information.(You can find the program on the registration website)  

5. Post-Conference Tour

There is a tour of Gwangju and Seorak Mountain for those who have requested a tour. Buses will depart straight after the conference. Please pay the tour fees during the conference ($50 per person including accommodation and transportation).

Those who are not joining the tour may leave for their affiliated chapters or elsewhere. There will be a UBF bus service departing from the conference site for those who are leaving the country on that day. There will also be buses for those who wish to go to Seoul.

6. Special Requests

(1) Registration fee: In order to avoid confusion and possible busyness on the day of the event, we would appreciate it (if you have a Korean Bank account and can make an on-line transfer) if you make an advance payment. Please transfer your fee to the following account number, with your own name, and send us an email when you have made the transfer:

Account bank/number: Shinhan Bank 100-026-409023

Recipient: University Bible Fellowship Korea

(Please send an email confirming your transfer to:

(2) For those who are unable to attend because of an unforeseen reason despite having registered online, please go to the registration site and cancel your registration. Alternatively, please send an email to the following address about your cancellation:

(3) If you have not yet informed us, please let us know of your flight arrival/departure information by email at the following

(4) Age restriction: middle schoolers and above may attend the WMR. College students (including high school graduates) and above may attend the MSC. We would like to ask you to make personal arrangements in advance if you have younger children as they may not attend the events (please note this is very important).

(5) We would like to ask all national directors to bring traditional costumes.

(6) Please inform your affiliated chapters directly of your flight arrival/departure information, and directly contact them regularly about your airport pickup, accommodation, or of any requests you may have.

(7) There will be a Group Bible Study on Deuteronomy lectures 1,3,5. We would like to ask you to prepare for these studies in advance. (You can download the questionnaires on the registration website)  

7. Prayer Topics

Please pray that through the WMR,

1. We may renew our identity and future direction through the main message

2. We may learn of God’s work through the native shepherds’ mission reports and God’s glory may be revealed 

3. God may continue to use us preciously for world mission

Please pray that through the MSC,

1. We may learn of God’s hope and vision through the Deuteronomy studies

2. We may receive God’s word and renew their calling as Bible teachers for this generation

3. We will establish a stronger community of the Holy Spirit through the fellowship of missionaries, native shepherds and Korean coworkers

Please pray particularly for Dr. Abraham Kim’s main message. Please also pray for Korea UBF Director Sh. David Kim who is overseeing the overall preparation of the events.

In Christ,

Korea UBF World Mission Dept.