Today's Daily Bread


Key verse: 

Luke 21:31

September 21, 2017

1. See for yourselves (29-33)

The sprouting of leaves on the fig tree and all the trees is an unmistakable sign that summer is near. Likewise, when all the events Jesus described occur, we can know for ourselves that the kingdom of God is near and Jesus will come soon. Everything Jesus described will happen in all its fullness. Although heaven and earth will pass away, Jesus' words will remain forever. They are absolute and true.

2. Watch and pray (34-38)

In light of his second coming, Jesus admonishes us to be sober, watchful, and prayerful. Jesus teaches that we should be careful of slipping into a lifestyle of carousing and drunkenness and we must avoid being overcome with the anxieties of this life. Instead, we are to be watchful and constantly looking for the signs of his return. We are to pray that we may escape all the events of the tribulation and remain faithful to the Lord. Each day, the Lord went to the temple and taught the people and they came early in the morning to listen to him. Praise Jesus that we can do the same! Every morning, we can listen to him and wait with him for the great day he returns.

Lord Jesus, thank you for teaching us about the things that must occur before you return. Help us to be watchful and prayerful as we wait for you.
One word: 
The kingdom of God is near.
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