Today's Daily Bread


Key verse: 

Judges 13:5

November 19, 2017

1. A barren woman will bear the deliverer


Israel did evil and God gave them into Philistine hands for 40 years. The Lord's angel told Manoah's barren wife that she would be the mother of the next deliverer-a Nazirite, dedicated to God from birth. She (and her child) must not drink wine or eat anything unclean. He would lead Israel out of Philistine oppression. When she told Manoah about the angel-like visitor, he prayed God would send him again to explain more. God heard his prayer.

2. The Lord blesses and stirs Samson (12-25)

Manoah asked how to raise the boy. He said, "Your wife must not eat grapes, drink wine or eat unclean food." Manoah asked the man's name. He said, "It is beyond understanding." While they offered a burnt offering to the Lord, the man ascended in the flame. They realize it was the Lord's angel and they were afraid. But God told them all this for a purpose. Samson was born. The Lord blessed him and the Spirit began to stir him.

Lord, teach us how to serve your purpose. May your Spirit stir in us.
One word: 
Blessed and stirred by the Lord for his purpose
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