Beautiful wedding between Marco and Erendira, Bolivia

On April 21, we had a beautiful wedding ceremony between Marco Antonio and M. Erendira Pérez at the Bolivia UBF center.  M. Esteban Cho officiated the wedding based on Genesis 2. This was a very historical event in God’s work in Bolivia because through this marriage, Marco Antonio will be sent out as the first Bolivian missionary to Argentina.   He has been studying the Bible since 10 years ago and is now working for a broadcasting company.  He had a strong human desire to be a famous radio news producer, but when God called him as missionary to Argentina, he accepted and obeyed God, denying his human desire.

M. Erendira was sent to Argentina from Mexico City UBF as a graduate student missionary for the Univ. of Buenos Aires.  She has participated in the Argentina ministry wholeheartedly for the last two years and became a blessing to the sisters’ ministry in Buenos Aires UBF.  She made a decision to live according to God’s will as a prayer mother and sacrificial Bible teacher. She was full of joy and thanksgiving to God for her new family.

For this wedding ceremony, many servants of God came to Bolivia: M. Isaac Cho, Marcos Kim, and Ruth Kim from Argentina, M. Hannah Kuper from Chicago, M. David Hong from Mexico, and five sisters from Argentina.   These sisters came to Bolivia at their own cost by a 40-hour bus ride and went back to Argentina the next day by the same way.   Some of them even had to study for exams in the bus using a flashlight.

All of our members were very joyful over the new family because we saw the hope of God who would establish many families in Argentina and Bolivia in the future.  May God bless Latin America to become a kingdom of priests and a holy nation through the house church ministry.

M. Esteban Cho