Toledo UBF Search Procedure for a Part-time Intern Shepherd


The Toledo UBF Leadership Council will serve as the Search committee for the selection of a part-time intern shepherd (male or female). Our goal is to prayerfully seek God’s will in the life of the church to build and expand God’s work. We pray for a young-spirited leader who has a desire to help serve and grow our campus ministry, church, discipleship, and outreach at the University of Toledo. We are also open to someone who could potentially serve Sunday worship service in praise and worship or in message delivery once a month or be willing to grow into doing this. We pray for a person filled with the Holy Spirit who loves Jesus Christ and God’s word. The procedures stipulated below will be our guidelines for the selection process:

Application Deadline by July 31

Application process between August 1-31 (may be extended as need until filled)

  • Prospective interns should obtain applications/forms from their chapter leaders or online and submit this along with a letter of interest to

  • The committee will review application package screening for relevance to God’s reveled words in the Bible (1 Tim 3:1-4).

  • At most, 3 applicants will be notified in writing/email by the Search committee and invited to interview in Toledo UBF or remotely.

  • The Search committee will discuss and involve the regular members of Toledo UBF in this process

Interview Process

  • The goal of interview is to learn more about the motivation, willingness, calling, experience, and character of prospective interns

  • The Search committee shall select the intern with at least a two-thirds majority vote

  • If there is no one elected by first vote, the board shall vote again with candidates of the first and second majority vote.

Final Selection by August 31 (may be extended as need until filled)

The intern should be ready to move and serve in Toledo by late summer or early fall, ideally by the start of the new fall semester.

Term of part-time intern:

Intern’s term will be determined by the willingness of the intern and could be renewable for 2-5 years. The position can be terminated by a two-thirds majority vote of the Toledo UBF Leadership Council.  


Toledo UBF will provide a stipend (ranging from $400 to $1000 per month) and possible room and board depending on the intern’s commitment and work situation.

Please direct all inquiries to

Toledo UBF Part-time Intern Shepherd Qualifications and Application


  • a calling from  Christ to serve Toledo UBF members and college students at the University of Toledo

  • familiarity and experience in working with college students and other leaders in a UBF context

  • capable and responsible to carry out various duties and responsibilities in the ministry of God’s word and prayer

  • walks by the Spirit and inspires God’s people in thought and deed

Date: ______________

Last Name__________________ First Name __________________

Birth date: ________________      Email ______________________

Phone Number: ________________     

Address: ______________________________________________

Chapter: ______________ Years of experience in UBF __________

Current Job: __________________________

Family Members: ______________________, _________________,        

______________________, __________________,

______________________, __________________,

Desired Stipend Range (per month): ____________________________________

Housing Requirement (if any): _____________________________________

Statement of Interest (Why are you applying for this position?)


Sample message/Life testimony (Attach)


Any other comments: