UBF International Bylaws

7.1  International Advisory Members. A body of International Advisory Members shall be established.  The International Advisory Members shall include representatives from Korea and the USA as well as other mission fields. Initial mem­bership shall not exceed 50 persons. The initial members of this meeting are to be nominated by the General Director and approved by the Board of Elders of the USA and the Board of Directors of Korea, respectively. After the initial establishment of the Advisory Members Meeting, the Advisory Members Meeting itself may elect and remove members by a 2/3 majority of those present at a meeting in which a quorum is present.

The International Advisory Members are a body representing UBF chapters from all the nations of the world. This body meets once every two years to pray for the work of UBF chapters around the world. According to the biblical concept of tithing, this body encourages in principle all UBF chapters worldwide to offer one tenth of their offerings to be used for the world mission purposes. New members are to be nominated by the General Director or the International Executive Board and approved by the International Advisory Members.

The powers, rights, and duties delegated to this body are: a) Elect or terminate the General Director (see 5.3); (b) Elect or terminate the International Executive Board members; (c) Confirm the General Director’s nomination of Continental Coordinators and National Coordinators ; and (d) Receive reports from the General Director and/or the Committee Chairs/Continental Coordinators.


(M. Sarah Barry formed IAM in 2004 with 48 initial members.)

  • Sarah Barry
  • John Jun (Korea, USA)
  • Samuel H. Lee (Korea, Zimbabwe)
  • Mark Yang (Korea, USA)
  • David Kim (Korea)
  • Daniel Rhee (Korea, South Africa)
  • Paul Rhee (Korea)
  • Joshua Lee (Korea)
  • Moses (Okgi) Lee (Korea)
  • James Suh (Korea)
  • Abraham Joung (Korea)
  • Samuel Choi (Korea)
  • Paul B. Lee (Korea)
  • Elijah Lee (Korea)
  • Stephen Ahn (Korea)
  • Joseph Chung (USA)
  • James H. Kim (USA)
  • Daniel Yang (USA)
  • Isaac Choi (USA)
  • John Lee (USA)
  • James Joung (USA)
  • Augustine Sohn (USA)
  • Benjamin Toh (USA)
  • Ron Ward (USA)
  • Mark Vucekovich (USA)
  • Teddy Hembekides (USA)
  • Samuel A. Lee (USA)
  • Isaac H. Kim (USA)
  • Mark Yoon (USA)
  • Paul Hong (USA)
  • Samuel Zun (USA)
  • Jacob A. Lee (USA)
  • Joseph Paul Ahn (USA)
  • David Baik (USA)
  • Abraham Kim (USA)
  • Henry Park (USA)
  • James Rabchuk (USA)
  • Kaleb Hong (Germany)
  • Abraham Lee (Germany)
  • Peter Chang (Germany)
  • Volker Keller (Germany)
  • Walter Nett (Germany)
  • Jimmy Lee (India)
  • Mark K. Yoon (Kenya)
  • Stephen Kim (Russia)
  • Lena Park (Russia)
  • Peter Kim (Ukraine)
  • Abraham Hwang (Mexico)

(During Dr. John Jun’s GD tenure, new North America senior staff, elders and newly appointed continental coordinators became members.)

  • Joseph Sim (Australia, 2006)
  • David Choi (USA, 2008)
  • James Rarick (USA, 2009)
  • James J. Y.  Lee (South Africa, 2009)
  • Luke Hong (Canada, 2009)
  • Elijah Park (USA, 2010)
  • Peter Song (USA, 2010)
  • Alan Wolff (USA, 2011)
  • Daniel Jeong (Japan, 2011)
  • Joseph Y. K. (Q, 2011)

 (During Dr. Abraham Kim’s GD tenure, newly appointed continental coordinators became members.)

  • Timoteo Rhee (Mexico, 2012)
  • Henry Kim (Canada, 2012)
  • Andrew Kim (Egypt, 2012)
  • David B. (Kazakhstan, 2012)
  • Aquila Lee (Australia, 2013)
  • Moses J. Y. (U, 2014)

(IEB and IAM approved 24 new members at their August 3, 2013 meetings.)

  • Moses Park (Korea)
  • David Lee (Korea)
  • Isaiah Lee (Korea)
  • John Giesbrecht (Canada)
  • Andreas Krahwinkel (Germany)
  • Peter Schweitzer (Germany)
  • Reiner Schauwienold (Germany)
  • Paul R. (U. K.)
  • Esteban Cho (Bolivia)
  • Elias Park (Brazil)
  • Isidro P. Perez (El Salvador)
  • Angela K. (H)
  • Hayes T.  (H)
  • Paul Kwon (Mongolia)
  • Peter Lee (Indonesia)
  • Samuel Palaka (India)
  • William Altobar (Philippines)
  • John Lee (Ukraine)
  • Konstantin Kalinkin (Russia)
  • Abraham Omotunde (Nigeria)
  • Andries Coetsee (South Africa)
  • Joshua Suh (South Africa)
  • Oyor Moses (South Sudan)
  • Volodymyr Levytskyy (Turkey)

(IEB and IAM approved 3 new members at their August 15-16, 2014 meetings.)

  • Paul T. Kim (Korea)
  • Isaac Choi (Korea)
  • Moses Yoon (Korea)

(IEB and IAM approved two new continental coordinators to be new members at their June 5 & 7, 2016 meetings.) 

  • James Lee (Zimbabwe)
  • Caleb Han (Russia)


  • Paul B. Lee (2016 -    )


  • James Rarick (2012 -    )